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During the present Covid19 Restrictions there will be NO PUBLIC WORSHIP in the Benefice, but we will put up a Reflection for each Sunday, and a new 'Thought for the Day' each day from a different member of the  Ministry Team, one of whom has been assigned as point of Pastoral Contact via phone or e mail for each parish.

Bicknoller - Angela   (a.bernerswilson@btinternet.com) (656067)

Crowcombe - Bridget  (bcapewell@hotmail.com) (656298   

Monksilver with Elworthy - Michael (fmpulvermacher@aol.com)(01823 254588)   

Nettlecombe - Ben (flenbenley@btinternet.com)(633568)

Sampford Brett - Gill  (martinsouthwood@btinternet.com) (656874)

Stogumber Village - David   (David.Gover@doctors.org.uk) (656252) Stogumber Hamlets - Michael. (fmpulvermacher@aol.com) (01823 254588). 

Our numbers are also in the Benefice magazine 'Pathways'.

All our Churches are now closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Your Ministry team will be praying regularly on behalf of all of you in each Church.

Take care everyone, stay safe, and remember that "Underneath are the everlasting arms." Please remember to check on your neighbours via a phone call or card through the door - wear gloves to write and post!

Do let me know if there is anything I can do for you by phone or e mail.

God Bless. 

Angela Berners-Wilson.

Rector : Quantock Towers Benefice.    01984 656067

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QTB Benefice communion - Sunday 27th September
CW Holy Communion via Zoom, 10.30am.

How you can help.

Welcome to The Quantock Towers Benefice
General welcome from the residents and Rector